Crémaillères et Poteaux

Multi-System Tracks, Outriggers or our new Armoires

L'utilisation efficace de vos murs n'a jamais été aussi facile avec nos rails multi-systèmes, nos stabilisateurs ou nos nouvelles armoires. En fonction de votre budget, de votre "look" ou de votre marque, vous avez le choix pour tous les types de magasins.

Nos étagères métalliques, nos barres plates et nos rails sont conçus pour résister à tous les environnements de vente au détail. Disponibles en stock en noir, blanc, gris et argent métallisé.

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9 produits

9 produits


Elevate Your Display with Standards & Outrigger Posts Multisystem

The foundation of an impeccable retail display often goes unnoticed, yet it plays a crucial role in the presentation. Enter Adco DispleTech's "Standards & Outrigger Posts Multisystem" - the unsung heroes that anchor your merchandise displays, ensuring stability and adaptability in every setup.
Our Standards & Outrigger Posts are exclusively designed for those who value precision. They provide the framework, allowing you to tailor your displays based on the spatial and aesthetic requirements of your store. Whether you're setting up a cascading clothing display or a structured showcase for intricate jewelry, these posts promise flexibility without compromising on durability.
Pair the Standards & Outrigger Posts with our wide range of Étagères et accessoires Multisystem to create a cohesive and functional display. And, if you're aiming to extend this aesthetic throughout your store, the Multisystem collection is your ideal choice, encapsulating everything from the basics to the most intricate store fixtures.
Moreover, for those who wish to diversify their store layout, the Gondoles et marchandiseurs collection complements the Standards & Outrigger Posts seamlessly, offering multiple levels and angles of display options.