At Displetech we have a variety of mannequins to choose from. Constructed from fibreglass, these mannequins are lightweight yet sturdy enough for continuous use. These clothing forms allow retailers to create an eye-catching display without detracting from the product being showcased. They can be used to create extravagant window displays or smaller product presentations throughout your retail environment. Elegantly showcase your products on our fibreglass fashion mannequins to create an eye-catching display that is sure to attract customers and increase sales.

      Our wholesale mannequins and forms are available in several poses. Find the ones with specific measurements or body types to best display sports or swim garments. At Displetech, we also carry a wide range of children's forms as well as accessories, like wigs, to create the perfect displays. Our prices are so competitive and affordable: we know you will want to order several fiberglass mannequins for your retail store!

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      Get the perfect mannequin to showcase your apparel

      Mannequins breathe life into store designs and store windows; each one tells a certain story once draped with clothes. A retail fact to keep in mind – clothing displayed on figures or forms will attract more attention, then clothing sold strictly on racks. Psychologically, humans in general, are drawn to faces and body shapes, hence why mannequins work well for retailers. Add some captivating visual appeal to your retail location by displaying your garments on mannequins available at Displetech in a variety of poses and styles, in fiberglass and plastic. We have a wide selection with specific measurements or body types to best suit the kind of apparel you want to display. Our long-limbed egghead mannequins will add an aura of sophistication to your store environment. Our vibrant blue or pink ones will give your retail location a youthful charm. Male or female, adult or child, standing or seated, action or still, our diverse supply will give you the ability to display your products with style.

      Displetech possède le plus grand choix de mannequins et de formes vestimentaires en gros, au Canada, dans une variété de styles et de nuances pour vous aider à afficher vos produits de la meilleure façon possible. Mannequins homme ou femme, adulte ou enfant, debout ou assis, action ou immobile, ils sont disponibles pour pratiquement tous les usages. Choisissez parmi nos figurines avec un maquillage intégral et des formes de cheveux ou de robes, selon ce qui convient le mieux à vos besoins. Nos formes vestimentaires constituent un excellent présentoir de table. Ils peuvent être utilisés pour mettre en valeur des vêtements, des maillots de bain ou des accessoires. Les figurines de vêtements sont conçues pour vendre vos vêtements, vêtements et accessoires avec style.

      What types of mannequins does Displetech offer?

      At Displetech, we have various types of fiberglass mannequins for sale. Whether you're looking for mannequins féminins, male mannequins or children mannequins, we have them all. You can use each and every one of our mannequins to put in your display windows.

      Female mannequins for sale

      Our wide selection of fiberglass female mannequins for sale comes in several parts including a footrest or foot stand so you don't have to battle with it to make it stand. And our various designs will help you better display your merchandise.

      Male mannequins for sale

      Check out our various types of fiberglass male mannequins for sale. You will most likely find the right type of mannequin you're looking for especially with all the designs we have ready for your garments. We're ready to ship them when you are!

      Children mannequins for sale

      Our fiberglass children mannequins for sale also include a children’s section so you can showcase your children apparel in the best way possible. Check out the various designs we have for child mannequins and let us know how many you want!

      Looking for plastic mannequins instead of fiberglass mannequins?

      DispleTech offers a wide range of mannequins to fit our every client needs. If you are looking for high quality, durable plastic mannequin forms, we offer plastic female mannequins et male plastic mannequins

      Looking for mannequin forms or head, hand, feet and leg displays?

      We are proud to offer the perfect mannequin products to our customers: shop for dress forms of busts ainsi que head, hand, leg and feet displays to bring your retail store to the next level!

      Why use mannequins in a retail store?

      Mannequins have always been around as a tool for sales in retail. Actually, a variety of studies and sources show that clothing properly and elegantly displayed on a mannequin will in turn increase the sale of that product by 20 to 40%. This is certainly something to think about when you want to move some products especially in female fashion. Moreover, mannequins allow customers to form a long-term connection.

      Whether it's in window displays, in the browsing section, or wherever else, mannequins have a tremendous effect on customers. It can help them see how tops, pants, dress, shoes or any other garments will look on them.

      Contact us if you have any questions about our mannequins.


      Why choose Displetech fashion mannequins?

      Displetech offers a wide selection of fashion mannequins in a large price range. By holding a large inventory of mannequins, we are making sure that as many retailers can find a fashion mannequin they like in our store.

      Displetech has the largest supply of wholesale mannequins and dress forms in Canada, in a variety of styles and shades to help you display your products in the best way possible. Male or female mannequins, adult or child, standing or seated, action or still, our mannequins are perfect for practically every use. Choose from our figures with full-face makeup and hair or dress forms, whichever suits your needs best. Our dress forms make for an excellent table display. 

      Our fiberglass mannequins give you the flexibility you need to showcase your clothing and accessories

      Each mannequin, whether female mannequin, male mannequin or children mannequin, is available in different designs and poses. They can be used to showcase clothing, swimsuits or accessories. Clothing figures are designed to sell your clothing, apparel and accessories with style.. This way you can showcase and display running attire on a mannequin in a running position, or an elegant garment on an elegantly standing mannequin.

      That's not all, as innovation helps us bring each unique vision to life, allowing us to respect the individual needs of each of our clients. Finally, we only use sustainable materials in order to protect the planet.

      Contact us if you have any questions about our mannequins.


      How many parts do the Displetech fiberglass mannequins have?

      Usually our fashion mannequin comes in three to four parts:

      • Mannequin head or realistic mannequin display head
      • Human body mannequin
      • Mannequin legs
      • Base de métal

      What are the available colours for Displetech mannequins?

      Our fiberglass mannequins usually comes in three colours: 

      1. Blanc brillant
      2. Noir brillant
      3. Blanc mat 
      Contact us if you have any questions about our mannequins.


      Frequently asked questions about retail mannequins

      What are the advantages of using fiberglass fashion mannequins?

      The fiberglass mannequin is Heavier

      Compared to other materials out there (such as plastic mannequin), fiberglass is definitely Heavier. For a mannequin, this is certainly a benefit. Why? Simply because when you need to add heavy or formal clothing like a winter jacket or man’s suit,, fiberglass helps you carry it with ease. Even though fiberglass is heavier, it is still easy to move around and easy to make a perfect fitting.

      The Plastic mannequin is stronger

      Then, as the Plastic makes the mannequin lighter, it also makes it stronger. This material is extremely sturdy and will withstand most of the shocks. If the mannequin falls because a customer bumped it or while you were moving it, it won't break.

      The Plastic mannequin is more durable

      Also, Plastic mannequins are incredibly resistant. Water, scratches, burns, they resist them all. So you don't have to worry about people manipulating them in your store. This is what they're made for.

      The fiberglass mannequin is slicker

      Last but not least, fiberglass mannequins are a stylish mannequin and you can have more choice and more poses, especially with or without glossy finish, black or white. As they're on display, you will most definitely impress customers with a slick dress form. Fashion store mannequins are made so that you can have a replica of a human body to display your apparel. With our fashion store mannequins, you can attract more customers and increase your sales. 

      Contact us if you have any questions about our mannequins.


      Are you looking for other ways to furnish your retail store? 

      Displetech can help you furnish your retail store with various items such as racks, store supplies or hangers. We're number one when it comes to supply retail store with our expertly crafted items. 

      Let us know if you have any questions about our fashion store mannequins or any other items you need.


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